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Film Bubble
In stock 
Group: Film Bubble
Materials for protection of shrubs and trees
In stock | Only wholesale 
Group: Materials for protection of shrubs and trees
Polyprophylene pellets
Custom order, 30 days | Only wholesale 
  • 105 RUB/kg.  - from 25000 kg.
Group: Polyprophylene pellets
Composite wood, plywood multilayered glued
In stock 
Group: Composite wood, plywood multilayered glued
Polyester fiber
In stock | Only wholesale 
  • 116 RUB/pcs  - from 20000 pcs
It represents hollow fiber which single component, in space has an appearance of a spiral spring. These single components, intertwining among themselves, form strong elastic structure of fiber. This extraordinary property allows fiber, unlike other materials: as a synthetic winterizer, batting,...
Group: Textile fiber
Custom order | Only wholesale 
Agro spanbond (ukryvny material) - from from 17 to 80 gr./m. Width 3,2m., 1,6m. It is possible production of individual width. Colors - white, black. Delivery time of 2 days.
Group: Spunbond
Furniture spunbond
In stock 
Spunbond - includes furniture spunbond agrospanbond (covering material), Medical spunbond (SMS and SS), steam-moisture-insulating membrane (building spunbond)   Furniture spunbond - from 17 to 150 g / m.. Width 1.6 m., 2,2 m., 3.2 m. The possibility of manufacturing individual width. The colors...
Group: Spunbond
Paro-moisture-insulating membrane (building spunbond)
In stock 
Paro-moisture-insulating membrane (building spunbond) - types of membranes A, B and C. The width of 1.6 m. wound in a roll of 60 or 70m. The delivery time of 7 days.
Group: Spunbond
In stock 
Fillers - include sintepukh normat, ches normat, sintepukh luxury, ches luxury, artificial swan's down, swan's down a micro, porolonovy crumb, proches a synthetic winterizer 8 types of fillers for the most different tasks. For upholstered furniture, a soft toy, pillows, soft decorative elements,...
Group: Fillers
In stock 
Постоянным клиентам мы готовы обеспечивать резерв товара на складе, что всегда гарантирует Вам наличие товара. Призводим любые характеристики плотности, жесткости, толщины по желанию заказчика. Качество продукции подтверждено сертификатами.
Group: Geo-textile
In stock 
Ватин - это тёплое и воздушное полотно рыхлой структуры, используемое в качестве утеплителя. Его название имеет французское происхождение — ouatine. Так называли материю, отшиваемую на основе ваты и сетчатой основы.
Group: Wadding
Foam rubber
In stock 
Density 1836, 2236, 2536, 3040. Sheet width from 0.7m. up to 2m. Length leaf up to 2m. The sheet thickness of 5mm. Packaging in rolls. Delivery 5 days.
Group: Foam rubber


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